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André Goudbeek

alto saxophone
André Goudbeek/Xu Fengxia/Joe Fonda


André Goudbeek stood at the cradle of improvised music in Belgium.
As a child, he took classical violin classes. While at Gent University (1965-1969) he doubled up both as a violinist with the Univerity Chamber Orchestra and a saxophonist with the University Jazz Sextet.

His first job as a professional saxophonist was with the Full Moon trio. In 1973 he pooled forces with a number of Belgian impro/free jazz celebrities such as Fred Van Hove, Ivo Vander Borght, Willy Roggeman and Cel Overberghe, and founded the Werkgroep Improviserende Musici (WIM). He has played with and composed for all the WIM groups (WIM Fanfare, WIM Big Band, WIM Poel). In 1975 he was the driving force behind ‘Hommage’, the first improvising saxophone quartet in Europe, with Michel Mast, John Ruocco and Luc Houtkamp. In 1981 and 1982 he played with South African pianist Chris McGregor’s big band Brotherhood of Breath.

Between 1982 and 1994 he travelled the world with the famous Dutch Willem Breuker Kollektief, with whom he gave a hundred-odd concerts and music performances each year. Since the early Seventies and to this day he has been working intensely with pianist Fred Van Hove and drummer/percussionist Ivo Vander Borght. Fred and him performed as a duo for quite a while while Fred, Ivo and himself make up the trio Voici les Belges.

In 2004 the CD 'Separate Realities' (W.E.R.F.043) was released on our label. On it, he plays with Chinese guzheng virtuoso Xu Fengxia and American bass player Joe Fonda.