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Andrew Claes

tenor saxophone
Hamster Axis of the one-click Panther


Andrew Claes started playing the classical guitar at the age of 9, adding electric bass a few years later. Upon hearing John Coltrane for the first time, he decides to focus solely on the tenor sax. He enrols at the Brussels Conservatoire, where he takes lessons with our very own Coltrane, Jeroen Van Herzeele.

He goes on to do a postgraduate degree at the Antwerp Conservatoire, with Ben Sluijs and Kurt Van Herck.

After his studies, he goes for a full-time musical career. His broad musical taste opens doors into a motley variety of groups and ensembles: from BRZZVLL’s electronic jazz fusion, the present-day jazz of Hamster Axis and the one-click Panther, over the psychedelic electronics of Internal sun to STUFF’s futuristic nu-soul.

He can also be heard playing in various projects around Teun Verbruggen and Gregory Frateur.