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Baba Sissoko

Chris Joris - Bob Stewart
Baba Sissoko Ensemble


photo: Jos L. Knaepen

Baba Sissoko’s roots go back to a line of Malinese griots. He learned to play the tamani (talking drums) at a young age and accompanied other griots during all sorts of traditional ceremonies. Over the years he has become a true tamani virtuoso and ngnoni master (a Malinese string instrument).

Since 1985 he has been touring the world with the prestigious Instrumental Ensemble of Mali. In 1991 he founded his own Taman Kan trio, with which he remains active to this day. Today he is in huge demand among big Malinese musicians, and far beyond. The list of musicians with whom he has played is impressive, to say the least: DeeDee Bridgewater, Buena Vista Social Club, Youssou N'Dour, Ry Cooder, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Ibrahim Ferrer, ...

In 2007 he released the enthusiastically received ‘Bamako Jazz’ on our W.E.R.F. label. Soon after, he became involved in anther intense Belgian co-operative music project: Aka Moon, with whom he realized the project Aka Moon and Black Machine.