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Babs Jobo

Saxafabra - Cezariusz Gadzina


Babs Jobo was born Yussif Iddrisu Jobo in Accra (Ghana) on February 1st 1970. He has been playing djembe since the age of 9. As a child, he wasn’t only fascinated by rhythm but also already knew he wanted to see the World and settle in Europe.

When he arrived in Europe in 1991, he was more than ready to become a professional musician. He came into contact with the Senegalese band Mambambe, with whom he soon started playing the djembe, talking drums and conga. In 1993 he became a member of the percussion group Kolya, within which he was given ample creative space to compose his own music. He wrote religiously inspire texts in his mother tongue, Tchamba. After an unforgettable experience with temporary big band The Belgian Afro beat Association, Babs joined Wawadadakwa in 2005. They went on a European tour and released two successful albums. 

One year later, in 2006, his new group, Wagpe Kaso, was born, playing a mix of traditional West African music with funk, soul and jazz influences. He is also a member of the groups Saxafabra and Marockin' Brass.