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Ben Sluijs

alto saxophone
Ben Sluijs Quartet
Christian Mendoza Group
Ben Sluijs & Erik Vermeulen
Ben Sluijs Quintet - Unplayables


Ben Sluijs took five years of classical saxophone lessons. In the course of those years, he also went on various summer internships and took lessons with Fancois Danneels, Norbert Nozy, Willy Demey, ... Aged 15 he became fascinated with jazz, but did finish his classical studies all the same (with a first).

He enrolled in a four-year programma at the Antwerp Jazz Studio, where he was taught by John Ruocco, among others. After that, he went to the Brussels Conservatoire, where he studied under Steve Houben. More lessons followed, in the United States this time, with no less than David Liebman. As a graduate, he threw himself into a professional jazz career. In no time he became one of the main trendsetters of his generation.

The list of groups and ensembles with which he can be heard is impressive, to say the least: Octurn, BRT Big Band, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Act Big Band, Jean Warland's Sax No End. He has also been involved in projects with the likes of Philip Catherine, Toots Thielemans, Bert Joris, Stacy Rowles, Bert Van den Brink, Hein Van De Geijn, ...
He also has his own Ben Sluijs Quartet, with whom he has made various albums on our label. Together with his soulmate Erik Vermeulen he has already released two W.E.R.F. albums. He currently also plays with 3/4 Peace and the Christian Mendoza Group, both of them formations around pianist Christian Mendoza.