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Cécile Broché

The Chris Joris Experience


photo: Guy Van de Poel

As a violinist, Cécile Broché – who has a truly eclectic background - is more reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix than of Stéphane Grappelli.

As a musician, she has a lot more strings to her bow than her classical past may suggest. She takes part in multiple projects, and will try her hand at present-day music, free improvised music as well as world music. She plays together with both dancers and actors, and is keenly interested in bodily efficiency techniques such as yoga and feldenkrais. In jazz circles she is first heard with the Garrett List Ensemble (on The Unbearable Light and The Voyage), David Linx and Diederik Wissels (Heartland) as well as Chris Joris (Out of the Night).

Her first solo CD, Violin @ New-York, mixes the sounds of a bustling metropolis with the timbre of her electric violin.