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Chris Joris

Chris Joris
Chris Joris - Bob Stewart
The Chris Joris Experience


Chris Joris is seen as a pioneer of the fusion between jazz and world music.
As a pianist, composer and mainly percussionist, he has been embodying this unique musical cross-fertilization since 1975. Today his working band, The Chris Joris Experience, is playing in its third set-up and invariably offers the best of both worlds. He has made music with the cream of the Belgian jazz crop, as well as with big international names like Mal Waldron, Cameron Brown, Art Farmer, Bob Stewart, Steve Lacy, ...

In the course of his career, his style has evolved from afro-jazz to freer improvisation, but he remains active in the African percussion circuit, with Adama Dramé and Baba Sissoko, among others. As a composer, he has written for the stage as well as soundtracks for short films. As a sideman he is frequently seen alongside Tuur Florizoone, Eric Person and Frank Vaganée, among others.

He has been awarded various prizes, such as the Klara Prize for best CD, as well as the SABAM Award. At the Zamu Awards, he was nominated for the ‘best jazz composer’ award.