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Dominique Vantomme

Mahieu-Vantomme Quartet


Dominique Vantomme started off doing classical piano and gravitated towards jazz at the age of twenty. He studied with Marc Matthys, Mike Del Ferro, Mark Levine and Rob Madna before going on a jazz internship at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, in 1996, where he was taught by Andy Laverne and David Baker.

Two years later he studied with Kenny Werner in NYC. Dominique Vantomme has since worked with  Toots Thielemans, Louisiana Red, Theresa Malenfant and Judy Niemack, among others, but also with Laïs, An Pierlé, Roland, Axelle Red ...

He worked closely with saxophonist Tom Mahieu for quite a while, and released two albums with him on our label. Today he is mainly active in his own experimental fusion band ROOT, with whom he has also released two albums independently.