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Fapy Lafertin



Guitarist Fapy Lafertin was born in Kortrijk into the Roma community and started playing the guitar aged five. He soon joined the family orchestra, with his brother playing second guitar and his father the violin.

He meets Koen De Cauter in 1965, with whom he has been collaborating actively ever since. The two of them are introduced to Piotto Limberger, who invites them into his band. Soon after Fapy and Koen set up the Waso Quartet, with Albert Vivi Limberger on drums and Michel Verstraeten on double bass. Their Waso Quartet has performed all over the Low Countries, and together they recorded his first album, called 'Live at Gringo's' in 1972. 

In 1985 he starts his own quartet and starts a solo career. In 2004 he starts another formation with Koen De Cauter, releasing two Django Reinhardt tributes on our label.