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Flin van Hemmen

Narcissus Quartet


Dutchman Flin van Hemmen is known for his versatility and has developed a highly idiosyncratic drumming style (viewing drums as a melodic instrument in their own right).

In 2009 he moved to New York, where he soon joined the famous down-town scene and met musicians such as Tony Malaby and Kris Davis. He has since toured with Tony Malaby's Paloma Recio (with Drew Gress and Ben Monder). He is also a member of the Harmen Fraanje Trio and the Robin Verheyen Quartet (he has two CDs out on our label with the latter).

He is co-leader of the band LathanFlinAli with Lathan Hardy and Sean Ali.
Other musicians with whom he has worked include Michael Moore, Ernst Glerum, Ben Gerstein, Franz von Chossy, ...