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Jo Zanders

Saxafabra - Cezariusz Gadzina


Percussionist Jo Zanders discovered his father’s snaredrum aged four and has been hooked ever since. Luk Mishalle and Abddellah Marrakchi introduced him to North-African rhythms, and taught him how to master them. He also steeped himself in 'chabi' and 'gnaoua' music and perfected his skills by doing various internships in Morocco.


In Brazil he came across afro-Brazilian rhythms and learnt how to play the pandeiro, a typical local percussion instrument. Round about the same time he set up percussion band Lokomotiv, mainly playing Brazilian batucada music. He also joined folk bands Dazibao, KV Express, Göze and Clochard. He guest stars with jazz musicians such as Tuur Florizoone and Cezariusz Gadzina.