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Joachim Badenhorst

tenor saxophone
Christian Mendoza Group


Belgian reed player Joachim Badenhorst divides his time between Belgium and New York and plays, improvises and composes in a motley variety of combinations and groups. Joachim plays solo performances, collaborates ad hoc with musicians such as Fred Van Hove, C. Spencer Yeh, Toma Gouband, John Butcher, Josh Berman, Dan Peck and is part of a huge number of different projects.


Joachim’s refinement did not develop overnight and was nurtured by tutors such as both John Ruocco and Michael Moore. Badenhorst is not into thick-plank work, and that shows in his projects: he thrives in Han Bennink’s trio’s musical high class madness, but also gladly ventures onto more abstract ground with Baloni. The fact that he collaborated with Icelandic musicians in Mógil transpires in his ethereal sound, while in Equilibrium Badenhorst hovers between jazz, folk and classic. This Antwerpian is also sideman in ensembles around Tony Malaby and  Thomas Heberer, the natural extension of years in the USA.
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