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Junior Mthombeni

Chris Joris - Bob Stewart


photo: Stef Depover

Musician and actor Junior Mthombeni was born the son of a South African father and a Belgian mother. His family was friendly with Chris Joris and he got the taste for percussion through him.

As a young fellow of ten he was already allowed to perform with artists such as John Ruocco, Dudu Pukwana and Chris Joris himself. After having taken a few steps in the world of theatre in his early twenties, he returned back to his first love: music. Via Kobe Proesmans, Fred Savien and Didier Labarre he got to know the world of Latin American rhythms.

He then went to Cuba to educate himself with master percussionist Marvin Diz. Once back in Belgium he joined groups such as Wawadadakwa and the Internationals. Other artists he worked with include Baba Sissoko, Bob Stewart, El Tattoo Del Tigre and African Jazz Pioneers.