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Karim Baggili

Nathalie Loriers - Chemin Croisés


Karim Baggili is a young composer, guitarist and Oud player.

He was born in Belgium in 1976 and has Jordanian-Yugoslavian roots. He started playing the electric guitar at the age of 16. At the age of 20 he began studying the various techniques of flamenco guitar and bought himself an Arabic Oud during one of his many trips to Jordan. He then joined various projects: the Ereska Trio and the play “Colette”. 

In 2000 Karim won first prize of the Open String Festival in Osnabruck (Germany). He released his first CD in 2002 and took part in numerous recordings. He composed music for various documentaries and short films. He currently plays with several groups, namely Traces and Turdus Filomelos. He also often collaborates with jazz pianist Nathalie Loriers and accompanies English singer Melanie Gabriel live and in the studio. In addition, Karim has united some wonderful musicians for his new group Karim Baggili Quartet, with which he plays all his compositions that were inspired by flamenco music, South American rhythms and Arabic music. Early in December 2005 their CD ‘Cuatro con Cuatro’ was released on the homerecords label, after which the quartet started touring. Karim also regularly performs solo or in duo with percussionist Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles.

Karim’s latest project is Aton Lua, a mix of rock and world music in which he sings in English, Arabic and Serbo-Croatian and plays electric guitar, flamenco guitar and even the lute (Oud).