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Mimi Verderame

Jan de Haas Quintet
Jan de Haas Vibes Quartet


Mimi Verderame became obsessed with various percussion instruments as a child and first performed on stage at the age of nine. He began a course at the Music Academy of Liège at the age of 14 and at the age of 17 he was taken under the wing of famous Belgian saxophonist Jacques Pelzer.

This gave his career a boost and he is still a well-known face on the Belgian jazz scene today and you could/can see him in action in numerous ensembles, including the Philip Catherine Trio, The Belgian Jazz Big Band, Jan de Haas Quintet and Kristen Cornwell Quintet, and he has his own Mimi Verderame Quartet. Apart from a gifted drummer Mimi is also a fine guitarist and composer.