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Myrddin De Cauter

Koen De Cauter
Fapy Lafertin & Friends


Myrddin is a phenomenon in the Belgian music scene. Born in a musical family, he learned from a very young age to play the clarinet (mainly jazz and Gipsy style) and the drums. At age of fourteen he discovered the flamenco guitar and was bitten by the richness and originality of this musical culture. After learning the fundaments from his father and studying classical guitar in Belgium he went to Spain to take master-classes by some of the greatest names of flamenco: Manolo Sanlucar, Gerardo Nuñez, Rafaël Riqueni, Enrique De Melchor…

Through the years Myrddin mastered a phenomenal technical virtuosity but his first concern has always been the depth of his music. It is probably this variety of interests and influences that created his original and unique style of contemporary flamenco. After beginning as (mainly) a solo artist he released in 2000 his first CD 'Imre' (MAP Records) and became a household name in the flamenco world of Belgium. In 2006 his second album 'Novar' (Munich Records) was released. Since then he's also been arranging a lot and he's making name as a composer of contemporary classical music with some big projects under his name (Arriaga String Quartet). Since his second CD Novar Myrddin is without doubt one of the protagonists of the Belgian flamenco-scene. In september 2009 Myrddin released his third album Lucía Nieve on Zephyrus Records. Myrddin continues on his quest to conquer the world with his unique interpretation of flamenco. Lucía Nieve further emphasizes his status as virtuoso musician and blessed compositor in bulerías, guarijas, siguiriyas, soleá por bulerias, rumba and farruca. You can also here the sound of the Slovenian fujara, the voice of Belgian-Puertorican popstar Gabriel Rios, the violin of Michael Bezverkhny and fragments from the 6à-minute piece Kundalini which he recorded during summer 2009 with more than ten world and jazz musicians in order to fulfill one of his dreams - to create music that doesn't stop.