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Nathan Daems

tenor saxophone
soprano saxophone
Nathan Daems Quintet
Ragini Trio
Black Flower


(c) Jan Willem Vanderhoeven

Nathan Daems is a multi-instrumentalist and plays sax, flute and Turkish clarinet. He has a love of gypsy music from the Balkan region and Turkey, jittery Ska or Indian classical music, Ethio jazz as well as full-blooded jazz.

It thus comes as no surprise that Daems can be found in a variety of bands such as Bazaar d’Orient, Black Flower, Ragini Trio, Mafiasko Taxi and the Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orkestra. In 2010 he won the Young Jazz Talent competition during the Ghent Jazz Festival with his Nathan Daems Quintet. This gave him a spot at the main stage of the Ghent Jazz Festival, where they made an excellent passage.

Their debut album “Praten Dialect" (W.E.R.F.097) came out on our label in 2011. Knack magazine tipped it in the top 10 jazz records of 2011.