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Nicolas Kummert

tenor saxophone
Yves Peeters Group


foto: Guy Van De Poel

Saxophonist and composer Nicolas Kummert was born in Namur in 1979 and currently lives in Brussels. In spite of his young age he has played in 30 countries, including 20 European countries, Australia, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Morocco, Benin, etc. Once he had graduated in 2001 at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, he received the Django d'Or for Belgian newcomer in 2003.

In 1998 he won the best soloist prize during the jazz competition of La Maison du Jazz in Liège. With the Alexi Tuomarila Quartet he won prizes at international competitions,  recorded two albums and toured Paris to Lisbon , Helsinki to Sydney. He recorded a total of 30 CDs and toured with Qu4tre , Pierre Van Dormael & Vivaces, Yves Peeters Group, Alchimie, Jambangle, Karl Jannuska, Matthieu Marthouret and several African artists including Patrick Ruffino, Inno De Sadjo and John Arcadius.

He was also part of the successful "My name is Billie Holiday" project of French singer Viktor Lazlo. Together with Jef Neve he set up Groove Thing. He has cooperated with various DJs including DJ Grazzhoppa's DJ Bigband, DJ Missmee, Dj Courtasock, Dj Vindictiv, D-t3ch and DJ Vincenzo Binci, with whom he set ablaze 50 European clubs, including the renowned Barrio Latino in Paris and Ministry of Sound in London. But most of his attention is currently focused on Nicolas Kummert 'Voices' with Hervé Samb, Jozef Dumoulin, Nicolas Thys and Lionel Beuvens.

In short, Nicolas Kummert is a musical jack-of-all-trades. Or to put it in the words of Brad Mehldau in 2003: "There's often a wonderful gentleness to Nicolas Kummert's playing that really suits the music... and shows a strong identity as a player."