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Patrick Saussois



Guitarist Patrick Saussois was born in Paris as the son of a Breton/Basque father and a mother with gypsy origins. As a child he became fascinated by the guitar thanks to his father and he mastered the instrument over the years as a true autodidact. It should be noted that he, a left-hander, learned to play on a guitar for right-handed people.

When he discovered the music of Django Reinhardt at an early age, a whole new world opened up to him and, from then on, he started focusing on the specific jazz manouche style. In the 1970s he could be found in several trios and duos and he recorded his first album 'Si tu savais' in 1982. He founded his own record label Djaz Records in 1988. This label released many records of artists of the French swing and jazz manouche scene in the 1990s alongside his own projects.

The project 'Django - A tribute to Django Reinhardt - Live at De Werf' was realised on Djaz Records as well as on our label. In 2009 Patrick was struck  by a serious illness and sadly passed away on 21 September 2012.