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Steven Delannoye

Steven Delannoye Trio


Steven Delannoye started his career as a young musician at the Leuven Lemmensinstituut (Belgium) and was soon invited to join the bands of Frank Vaganée and Peter Hertmans.

From there on, the transition to older and more settled Belgian jazz generations was easy. As a young graduate he not only took part in various sideman projects, but also forged a tight trio with female bass player Yannick Peeters and drummer Lionel Beuvens. The result was the internationally praised W.E.R.F. album ‘Midnight Suite’ in 2008. This highly atmospheric record cultivates nocturnal emptiness. According to Delannoye ‘The ultimate listening experience, is to sit down to it after a long day’s work, around 11 at night, sipping at a good glass of wine...’

Having first lived in Brussels, Steven crossed the ocean in 2009, to spend a year studying at the Manhattan School of Music. He did so with the financial support of the prestigious Belgian American Educational Foundation (B.A.E.F.) grant.