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Tuur Florizoone



Accordionist Tuur Florizoone is known by the general public as the composer of the soundtrack of the successful film “Aanrijding in Moscou”. He is an adventurist– a freebooter of the Flemish alternative folk and jazz scene.

In a very short space of time, accordionist Tuur Florizoone has developed into probably the most-loved musician in Flanders. With major flair and irresistible stage presence he proves that his unusual instrument is capable of much more than the usual German band music on street corners. For this musical world citizen, jazz is just one of the many types of music he carries with him in his duffle bag. The fact that he feels equally at home in the world of pop and world music is proved by the nearly endless list of names he has shared the stage or recording studio with: Carlos Nunez, Manu Chao, Alfredo Marcucci, Zahava Seewald, Chris Joris, Rocco Granata, Jo Lemaire, etc.

In 2008 the audience unanimously fell for his passionate score for the Flemish film ‘Aanrijding in Moscou’ at the prestigious World Soundtrack Awards. The international success of this soundtrack leads one to suspect that Tuur is on his way to become our very own Yann Tiersen. You can find him in projects such as Tricycle, Florizoone-Massot-Horbaczewski, aNoo and MixTuur. He appeared on our label with the latter project.