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Waso De Cauter

Koen De Cauter
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photo: Guy Van de Poel

Guitarist Waso De Cauter was born the eldest son of multi-instrumentalist Koen De Cauter. Music is literally in his blood. Already as a young boy he accompanied his father to performances and soon acquired a distinct taste for music.

He gradually mastered the guitar and built his own repertoire, straddling disciplines such as jazz, classical, chanson and gipsy music. In 1988 he played the big stage for the first time at the Bruges Festival. He dropped out of the Antwerp Jazz Studio after a year and a half to try and earn a living performing. He soon became the regular accompanist in the various groups that sprang around his father and from the mid-Nineties onwards he became a full-time musician: concerts, tours, projects, recordings... Not only did he make his own music, he also got involved in programming for various festivals and concert halls: Django homages, Django Follies, Gipsy's in 't Park, Hot Club de Gand. Anyone with even the slightest interest in music will have gathered that the legendary Django Reinhardt runs through Waso’s career like a red thread, and by extension through that of the entire De Cauter family.

In 2009 De Cauter and percussionist Robbe Kieckens launched the independent Spocus Records label.